Rain Gear

Stay dry and stylish season after season with a monogrammed rain jacket from Born To Be Sassy. No matter your climate, you're bound to see a few rainy days, and a rain jacket can spread some cheer for yourself and your squad. From drizzles and mists to outright downpours, you need to be prepared with the right outerwear.

Our monogrammed raincoats keep you dry without sacrificing a cute outfit. A lightweight rain jacket is more than just for rain; it’s also a must-have for a wet day at the lake or beach. Need something heavy-duty? We've got that too! We carry a range of sizes and cuts to suit everybody. Tick every box on your style list when you find personalized products at Born To Be Sassy.

Prep for Rain with a Monogrammed Rain Jacket

Why personalize your rain gear? Let us count the ways! If you're athletic, a monogrammed rain jacket is just the thing you need to stay stylish outdoors. From running and cycling to hiking and even kayaking, wearing the appropriate outer layer is a must. Do you have a crew that hikes with you? Get matching gear so you'll never lose each other on the trail!

Maybe your besties love a good vacation, rain or shine. Our monogrammed rain jackets offer an easy way to customize a cute collection for your group – bridal parties too! Whether you’re part of a team or just looking for the perfect gift, you’ll find the personalized rain jacket you’re looking for in our store.

Stay Dry In Style

When dealing with a downpour, not just any coat will do. That's why we only use the highest quality materials and expert design for your monogrammed rain jacket. Every single one is built to withstand the elements without restricting movement. Our jacket seams are made with heat-sealing technology and strong waterproof fabrics, bonded with a woven backing to keep out wind and rain.

Thanks to mesh venting, zippered pockets, adjustable details, reflective accents, and lightweight lining, our monogrammed rain jackets keep you comfortable, safe, and dry all day long. Choose from a variety of silhouettes and cuts, from adorable A-lines to classic pullovers and full-zip styles. We also offer embroidered designs to show off your team spirit, patriotism, or just a little extra flair.

Something for Everyone

Whether you love fabulous floral patterns, shiny metallic hues, bold jewel tones, or pastel perfection, we've got you covered with a personalized rain jacket that fits your aesthetic. There's a little something for everyone in our rainwear collection!

Rainy days can be a drag. But with the right clothes, they don't have to be! Bring a little sunshine into your day with a chic coat that shows your unique style. Better yet, get a monogrammed raincoat for yourself, your family, and your friends to conquer those dreary months together and look great doing it.