If there's something every sassy woman needs in her closet, it's monogrammed tops that express your unique style. And if you ask us, there's no better way to show off your personality than with our charming monogram tees. Shop our collection today!


These personalized pieces of clothing are must-have items that you'll cherish and wear for years. And not just because they feature your initials — although that's obviously our favorite part about them. It's also because they're designed to be utterly eye-catching, endlessly versatile, and incredibly durable. Plus, they'll have everyone asking you, “Where did you get that amazing top?”

So, just how do monogrammed tops fit into the modern woman's lifestyle? Let us count the ways and open your eyes to the latest from Born To Be Sassy!


If you're anything like us, you're pretty much always on the go. This means we need versatile outfit options for the office, backyard, beach, church, cottage, and anywhere else our busy lives take us. 

From light, casual items like long-sleeve tees, pocket tees, and tanks, to cozy, heavier-weight items like sweatshirts, button-downs, and hoodies, Born To Be Sassy has personalized women's monogram tees for every occasion. Our clothes are designed to be lived in and fit your lifestyle while also making a fashion statement. 

Here are some of the ways we like to style our monogrammed tops. 

Smart Looks for School and Work 

Rock a classic look by tucking a button-down monogrammed top into a skirt or trousers and throwing a blazer on top. Stay warm in the office or classroom with a monogrammed cardigan or long sweater that's cozy and fashion-forward.

Casual Looks for Weekends and Family Time 

Show off your personality with a monogrammed women's hoodie, available in classic solid colors and bright, bold patterns. Keep it cool with monogram tees and tanks that are perfect for working out or just lounging around the house.

Festive Looks for Celebrations and Gatherings

Get ready for game day with a pom-pom jersey pullover that shows your spirit (and sassiness). Make your outfits pop with a three-quarter sleeve monogrammed top that's pretty, preppy, and ready to party.


Now that we've got some ideas sparking for all the ways you can upgrade your wardrobe with our monogrammed tops, we should mention that all of our fashions also make awesome, one-of-a-kind gifts. 

The special women in your life (including yourself) deserve something that's just for them. Monogram tees and tops add a touch of elegance and Southern charm to every look, whether it's smart and stylish monogrammed women's button-downs or casual and chic women's hoodies. They also make for a “wow” moment when your loved one opens their gift and sees a personalized piece of clothing made specifically for them.

One thing we know for sure is that monogrammed tops and other clothing tends to ignite an obsession, and these tops become immediate favorites. We invite you to start building your wardrobe of personalized clothing with a monogrammed women's top that will carry you through the days of your life with style and — naturally — a good dose of sass.