Women's Cancer Awareness Shirts

When cancer touches your life, everything changes. The days become planned around doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, treatment sessions, and other forms of care. Family and friends rally around, cooking meals, running errands, looking after children, and taking care of all the other “life stuff” that needs to get done so the cancer patient can focus on getting well. 

This situation is a reality for so many women affected by this disease, either personally or through a loved one who receives a diagnosis. These heroic women need and deserve support as they fight to reclaim their health and their lives. 

At Born to Be Sassy, we believe in the power of clothes to spread a message of hope and strength. That’s why we created our range of cancer awareness shirts. 

Personalized Cancer Awareness Shirts

These breast cancer awareness shirts are for anyone who wants to show their support in the fight against cancer: mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, co-workers, and other loved ones. We created a range of designs to fit women of every age and stage in life. 

The designs for these shirts start with the signature pink ribbon that has become the universal symbol for breast cancer awareness. From there, we let our imaginations run wild, adding the ribbon to pink pumpkins, sassy witches, beautiful daisies, and more. We also created pink ribbon shirts to feature inspiring slogans meant to uplift the spirit, such as “I’m a Survivor” and “Faith, Hope, Love.” 

Women’s cancer shirts make wonderful gifts for the women in your life who are summoning their strength and courage in the face of a life-changing cancer diagnosis. Make them even more special by customizing them with a monogram, either for yourself or for a special person in your life. They make for a one-of-a-kind personal garment that’s unlike anything else in your or their wardrobe. 

Show Your Cancer Pride

One of the worst parts of cancer is how isolating it is. A powerful way to overcome those barriers is to shout your support and show your cancer pride through clothing that breaks the silence.  

Throw your breast cancer awareness shirt on with a pair of monogrammed pants or shorts while you’re running around town. Or pair them with something from our women’s fashion collection, like a jean jacket or a cozy cardigan. You may be surprised at how empowered you feel. These shirts are also instant conversation starters, and you never know who you may run into who could use your message of solidarity and support. 

Plus, women’s cancer shirts are the absolute perfect thing to wear to fundraisers, community events, support groups, and other gatherings meant to raise awareness about breast cancer. Get one for everyone in your group, and then snap a group photo for Instagram. All of these efforts to raise awareness and create community add up to create a growing network of cancer survivors and supporters around the world. 

Cancer is a common enemy, and there is strength in numbers. No matter where you are in your journey with cancer, Born to Be Sassy has your back with inspiring and uplifting breast cancer awareness shirts that send a message of hope and strength.