Nurses and doctors are heroes, and heroes shouldn't have to wear boring scrubs every day. Thankfully, Born to Be Sassy has monogrammed scrubs and lab coats that are perfect for the hero in your life!

Comfortable Scrubs for Long Days

Standard issue hospital scrubs are typically made to be durable but not exactly comfortable. At Born to Be Sassy, we believe your scrubs should be both resistant to damage and look attractive, too!

We feature brands that are comfortable, versatile, and strong. Our monogrammed scrubs also have these features:

  • Cargo pants, because you need a lot of pockets in the medical field
  • A polyester and cotton blend that makes them comfortable and stretchy
  • Tall and petite options

We offer scrub tops and bottoms that can be bought individually or in sets.

Professional Lab Coats That Will Help You Stand Out

Who said lab coats must be boring? Definitely not us! Add some personality to your lab coat and stand out by having it monogrammed.

Our monogramming options include your initials wrapped with a stethoscope or the caduceus symbol with your initials. We have a large variety of thread colors available, so you're sure to find your favorite.

Chuck those old, bulky, unisex lab coats aside and check out our featured brands. These personalized scrub jackets are designed specifically for ladies and are cut to account for women's curves.

We feature several ladies' monogrammed lab coats, including long and short consultation coats.

Sassy Scrub Sets

We aren't joking when we say our featured monogrammed scrub sets are "sassy." In fact, they're difficult to keep in stock! Our scrub sets come in several sassy color combinations and sell out quickly.

These personalized scrub sets include a wrap-style top with two deep pockets. The scrub pants also have two deep pockets that allow plenty of places to put all of your medical necessities.

The best part about these scrub sets, aside from monogramming, is they're wrinkle-free and don't need to be ironed.

Fun Scrub Accessories

You may have noticed we like to personalize pretty much everything. So when it comes to the medical field, monogrammed scrubs aren't the only medical item we can personalize. Check out these must-have accessories to complete your work look. These accessories also make great gifts!

Scrub Hats

Sterile environments such as operating rooms don't have to be boring. Add some style to the sterile environment with a monogrammed surgical cap. A personalized scrub hat also makes you easier to identify when you're covered in personal protective equipment.

Layer Shirts

Medical facilities are notorious for being cold. Layer up with one of our comfortable layer shirts, and stay warm. These shirts have a slim fit to make layering under scrubs easier.

Add your personalized monogrammed initials to the shirt for a little extra pizazz.

Scrub Jackets

Did we mention medical facilities are usually cold? For hospitals and medical offices that are extra cold check out our personalized scrub jackets.

Our feature brand of scrub jackets are made to keep you toasty while on shift. These jackets also include multiple pockets and are monogrammed. Shop all of our scrub options today including monogrammed scrubs, jackets, hats, and more!