Privacy Policy

BornToBeSassy, LLC (including, hereinafter referred to as “Company,” makes efforts in line with legal obligations to properly collect, process, use, and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This Privacy Policy outlines the kinds of information we collect, how we use, process, and secure such information, and your rights pertaining to said information.  

Company Information

Company is BornToBeSassy, LLC based in Alabama, USA.


“Company,” “We,” and “Our” refers to BornToBeSassy, LLC 

“Website” refers to

“User,” “You” refers to those visiting and accessing Website as well as current and prospective customers of Company.

“Personally Identifiable Information (PII)” refers to information that identifies, relates to, describes, or is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household

Acceptance Of This Privacy Policy

Continued use of Company Website ( and interaction with Company, constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy. Further, this Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Company’s Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is also required. By continued use of Company Website and interaction with Company, you certify that you have read and understood both this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions and agree to be legally bound by them.

Scope Of Privacy Policy

The scope of this Privacy Policy applies to all of Company’s collection and processing of PII to include information collected via the website ( and any potential other points of contact. 

The Categories Of PII Collected

Company collects a range of PII from various sources. Here, we outline both the kinds of PII collected as well as how it is collected.

PII Provided Directly To Company 

When User interacts with Company, whether through the use of Website, placing an order, contacting Company via phone, email, or other means, by creating an account, or signing up for our newsletter, among other interactions; various kinds of information is provided by User. Such information may include name, email address, phone number, mailing address, payment information, and IP address. User warrants that they are authorized to provide any PII supplied to Company. 

PII Provided To Us Through Service Providers

Company’s affiliates and service providers may collect information from you on our behalf. For example, User may receive prompts or emails requesting PII, such as via a survey, for the submission of a review, or to participate in a contest or sweepstakes. Said PII includes but is not limited to User’s name and email address. Any PII shared with service providers will be subject to their respective policies and will not be subject to the practices and protections outlined in this Privacy Policy. 

PII You Post

Information publicly posted, for example when leaving a review for a product may be publicly available. Therefore, care should be taken concerning what kind of information is included in reviews and other publicly available information. 

PII We May Get From Others

We may get PII from service providers and third parties to conduct our business more effectively or market Company products and services. For example, we may use customer validation or data enrichment services to ensure that we have accurate shipping information or to attain a better ad targeting profile of a User to send them digital or direct marketing messages. We may also get PII about you from other customers, for example, if someone purchases a gift card for another User. 

PII We May Get On Our Own

Company may collect User PII from publicly available sources and the public domain.

Information Automatically Collected And Cookies & Related Technology

When User visits Company Website, Company automatically collects various kinds of PII. The uses of this information, whether it be logs, device information, or the via the placement of cookies and tags ranges from being able to effectively run Company Website and avoid abuse to being able to more effectively market Company products and services to both potential customers as well as past customers. PII automatically collected by Company may include IP address, MAC address, browser, device, location, and operating system type, among other information. 


Cookies are snippets of data stored on your computer or mobile device when accessing a website. The uses of cookies range from those that help identify users, ensure preferences and account login information are maintained, or identify users as they browse the web for targeted advertising.


Company also engages various technology and advertising partners who may also collect PII from Users via their own cookies present on Company Website. These cookies are subject to the policies of these respective companies. 


The website uses cookies to help keep track of items you put into your shopping cart including when you have abandoned your cart and this information is used to determine when to send cart reminder messages via SMS.   


Categories Of Cookies Utilized By Company

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies help Company operate its website, are essential and are therefore always in use. These cookies might assist in identifying User choices when it comes to accounts and cookie choices as well as to prevent abuse of Company Website. 

Performance, Functional, And Analytical Cookies

Performance, functional, and Analytical cookies help to improve the functionality and performance of Company Website and may include cookies relating to basic analytics, cache, and speed, among other uses. Blocking cookies of this type may affect the performance and experience of the website. 

Advertising And Social Media Cookies And Pixels

Advertising cookies collect User information that makes tailored and targeted advertising possible in addition to the ability to measure advertising performance. Social media cookies allow User to connect to social media platforms and share content from Company Website. Blocking these cookies may diminish the relevance of the advertising you are served and limit your ability to share content and make use of linking to varying social media platforms. Advertising and social media cookies are generally provided by other companies and are therefore subject to said companies respective privacy and data protection policies. 

Blocking Cookies

While Company does not recognize “do not track” signals at this time, User can make use of cookie blocking functionality offered by many browsers to limit the kinds of cookies utilized by Company. 

The Cookies We Utilize

Below is a chart of the cookies Company utilizes but note that this may not be an exhaustive list but represents the kinds of cookies used. 

Essential Cookies (Strictly Necessary) 



Security focused cookie to prevent cross-site forgery. Provided by our eCommerce platform.


Load balancing cookie. 


Provided by Company, to track whether User has placed item in cart. 


Cookie provided by Cloudflare for website security and performance. Does not store PII. 


Cookie provided by Company to store user preferences. 


Performance And Analytical Cookies 



Request limiting cookie provided by Google. Privacy policy


Chat and support cookie from Zendesk. Privacy policy


Analytics cookie provided by our eCommerce platform, BigCommerce. Privacy policy 

_gid,  _ga,_gcl_au

Analytical cookies provided by Google to distinguish users. Privacy policy


Analytics cookie provided by Segment. Privacy policy 


Analytics cookie provided by Segment. Privacy policy 


Analytics cookie provided by Segment. Privacy policy 


Site search cookie provided by Searchspring. Privacy policy 


Advertising And Social Media Cookies And Pixels



Facebook advertising cookie. Privacy policy 


Tracks when User clicks a Klaviyo email to your website. Privacy policy


Tracks when User subscribes via a Klaviyo email form on your website. Privacy policy

IDE, test_cookie

Advertising cookies provided by Google Doubleclick. Privacy policy

__attentive_dv, __attentive_ss_referrer

Targeting and text messaging advertising cookie provided by Attentive. Privacy policy 


Cookie provided by Google AdSense for localized ad conversion capability. Privacy policy   


How Collected PII Is Used

PII provided to Company is used for a variety of purposes including the following: 

  • To respond to inquiries;

  • To manage User accounts;

  • To operate, improve, and maintain Company Website and business such as through analytics; 

  • To run contests and sweepstakes;

  • For processing of payments; 

  • To provide products and services and fulfill orders; 

  • For the provision of marketing communications including via email, text, and phone; and

  • To employ a variety of advertising including targeted ads based on interests and other data markers as well as tracking and measurement.

How Collected PII Is Shared

Company does not disclose User's PII to third parties, except in the following scenarios:

  • To companies and vendors that provide services to us or perform functions on our behalf and have agreed to use your information only for the purposes we delineate, to include payment processors, shipping services, and marketing and advertising services, among others;

  • To unrelated entity partners and companies to engage in joint marketing activities;

  • When we believe disclosure is appropriate to comply with applicable law, legal process, and regulatory authorities;

  • When we believe disclosure is appropriate to enforce our Terms and other agreements or to protect our rights, our customers, our property, our employees, or others; 

  • If we are involved in a business transfer such as a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, partial or total sale of assets, or other corporate change; and

  • When User requests or consents to additional sharing or transfer.

Company may disclose or otherwise share information that is not PII (PII) due to anonymization or some other method that results in aggregate data not subject to de-anonymization. 

How To Manage Your PII And Communication Preferences

We want to ensure that you are able to manage the kinds of PII we collect and process from you to the extent possible and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. 

PII Provided To Us

Where Company has collected your PII based on User providing it, User may have the right to delete said PII. You can do this via the contact information on our contact page. 

PII Collected Automatically

At this time, Company does not respond to “do not track” signals of web browsers. With that said, browsers and devices offer a number of tools that allow you to control whether certain kinds of PII are collected by Company, and we encourage Users to make use of such options should they wish. 

Opting Out Of Marketing Communications 

Certain communications, such as marketing emails can be terminated by accessing the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. 

For Residents Of California 

The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) provides User residing in California with the additional rights listed below. 

Company may not be subject to the CCPA but if it is deemed that Company is subject to compliance with the CCPA, this section applies. 

The Right To Notice Of Categories Of PII Collected

Company collects the following categories of PII as per the definitions outlined under the CCPA:


  • Identifiers;

  • Characteristics of protected classifications;

  • Geolocation data;

  • Internet/electronic activity;

  • Customer Records Information;

  • Commercial information; and

  • Inferences drawn from the categories described above in order to create a profile about you to reflect your preferences, characteristics, behavior and attitudes.


See the section titled The Categories Of PII Collected for additional details on the PII collected by Company. 

The Right To Notice Of How Collected PII Is Used

See the section titled How Collected PII Is Used to understand how Company uses information. 

The Right To Notice Of How Collected PII Is Shared

Please see the section titled How Collected PII Is Shared to understand how we share information. 

A Note On PII Shared With Online Advertising Platforms


The PII we share includes online identifiers such as IP addresses and device identifiers for online advertising. These identifiers being shared make it possible for us to advertise to Users via platforms such as Facebook and Google. Said platforms may use this data to provide advertising services to others as well. Sharing this information with these service providers may be considered a “sale” of PII under the CCPA but we do not receive money in return and the information shared does not include your name or other contact information.

Learn how you can opt-out of the sharing of this kind of information that may be deemed a sale (if applicable) by contacting us via our contact page. 

The Rights Of Access, Deletion, And Equal Service

As a resident of California, you also have the following rights (subject to exemptions under the law): 


  • Access: The right to request to know the categories of PII we collect, the purpose for collecting and using such information, the categories of sources of said information, the categories of parties we share it with or sell it to (if applicable), and the specific PII we have collected about you;

  • Deletion: Request deletion of PII we collect or maintain;

  • Opt-Out: Opt-out of any sale of PII; and

  • Non-Discrimination: Not receive discriminatory treatment for exercising your rights under the CCPA.

How To Exercise Your Rights Under The CCPA

To exercise your rights under the CCPA, such as that of access, deletion, opt-out, and non-discrimination, please contact us via our contact page. We will employ verification procedures in line with the CCPA to ensure that you are authorized to exercise these rights. 

Territorial Scope Of Company Products And Services

Company offers its products and service to Users in the United States. Specifically, in the context of the European Union and the extraterritorial scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Company does not offer products and services to those jurisdictions. 

Data Retention Policy 

User’s PII is retained for as long as is necessary for the purpose it was collected, or for the lifetime of the account being active, whichever is longer, and for any additional purposes related to the improvement of the business and to protect the rights and interests of Company. 

Securing PII

Company implements reasonable safeguards to protect User's PII. 

Third-Party Websites

Third-party websites and services, whether accessed via a link on Company Website, to make a payment via an embedded or outside processor or to login to your User account on Company Website through a third-party service (such as a social media platform), are subject to the respective third party’s policies and are not governed by this Privacy Policy.  The above excludes text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not be shared with any third parties.

Children’s Privacy 

Company products and services are not aimed at children under the age of 16 and Company does not knowingly collect PII from children under the age of 16. Should you be the legal guardian of someone younger than 16 that has provided Company with their PII, please contact us via our contact page and we will take the necessary steps to delete such information. 


Any part, provision, or representation of this Privacy Policy that is prohibited or which is held to be void or unenforceable shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions hereof.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Privacy and data protection laws are dynamic and subject to changes, which will likely result in our Privacy Policy being updated. We encourage User’s to regularly review this Privacy Policy to stay updated on our practices as it relates to the collection, use, sharing, and protection of PII. Continued use of Company Website and interaction with Company after updates to the Privacy Policy will be governed by the updated policy. 

Contact Information

Questions concerning this Privacy Policy should be directed to Company via the contact information on our contact page. 


Privacy Policy Last Updated

January 2021