Upgrade Your Winter Clothing With Monogram Sweatshirts, Pullovers, and Hoodies

Upgrade Your Winter Clothing With Monogram Sweatshirts, Pullovers, and Hoodies

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Aug 1st 2021

Blowing Snow

Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting lower. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! If your wardrobe has you looking drab and out of style, then it’s time for some new winter clothing.

Born to Be Sassy has a wide variety of winter styles that’ll have you looking fabulous all while staying cozy during the winter.

Winter 2021

Born to Be Sassy has been busy designing winter clothes for women and creating perfect accessories for every personality. We have winter sweaters and winter shirts that come in a range of sizes. Our clothes all come in youth sizes, too! Let’s look at some of our picks for Winter 2021.

1) Always Cold Shirt & Sweatshirt

We all know someone who is always cold no matter how hot it is outside. Maybe you’re that person! This simple shirt comes in heather gray and is perfect for the perpetually cold person in your life.

2) Monogrammed Snowflake Wreath Shirt

This is an elegant long-sleeved shirt that comes in five pastel colors. Add your initials to the middle of the wreath with one of our four font choices. Complete the style with a cardigan or vest for a classy look.

3) Let It Snow Somewhere Else Sweatshirt

Some people dream of a white winter. In contrast, others prefer winter on the beach. If snow isn’t your thing, then this winter sweatshirt is perfect for you. It’s cozy, soft, and comes in a variety of colors, including indigo, Irish green, maroon, and more.

4) Stay Cozy Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Nothing says winter these days quite like buffalo plaid. This dark heather gray design comes in two styles: a long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt. Complete the look with matching sweatpants, and stay super snug this winter!

5) Tis The Season To Be Freezin Shirt

This super-soft sweatshirt pairs perfectly with jeans and boots. It comes in a variety of colors, such as royal blue, hot pink, and purple, and it’s sure to keep you warm this winter.

6) Baby It’s Cold Outside Sweatshirt

Burr, it’s cold! This winter sweatshirt is perfect for those frosty days. The lettering is organized into a cute snowman graphic, and you can choose one of many different colors.

7) Cozy Leopard Sweatshirt

Meow! Get cozy in this winter sweatshirt that features catty leopard print lettering right across the front. You also get to pick from six great colors: ash, light blue, light heather gray, light pink, sand, and white.

8) Not Made For Winter Sweatshirt

Winter is not for everyone. Fittingly, this sweatshirt is the perfect gift for that special someone on your list who isn’t a fan of winter.

9) Sweater Weather Sweatshirt

Do you love sweater season? Then you’ll love this sweater! With 14 color options (from military green to sapphire), you’ll surely find one you love!

10) Baby It’s Cold Outside Snowflake Sweatshirt

This adorable winter sweatshirt comes with fun snowflake graphics all over it. Pick your favorite color and pair it with a pair of complementing jeans for the perfect winter look.

Shop More Winter Favorites at Born To Be Sassy

No matter your style, Born to Be Sassy is sure to have several winter shirts you’ll love! Pick one of your favorite colors and get ready to look stylish all winter long!

Don’t forget to grab matching pants and hats to complete your look!