Must Have Women’s Athletic Wear

Must Have Women’s Athletic Wear

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Sep 7th 2021

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As the holiday season approaches, you may be tempted to put your fitness schedule on the back burner. Due to busy holiday shopping and activities, it can be challenging to balance everything and still try to stay in shape.

This year, Born To Be Sassy challenges you to make your health and fitness a priority during the holiday season!

Monogrammed Workout Clothes

Women’s athletic wear has come a long way in recent years. More women of all shapes and sizes are finally finding brands that fit their unique curves. At Born To Be Sassy, we want to celebrate your curves with monogrammed fitness attire. New personalized athletic wear is a great way to get you motivated to hit the gym.

Here’s a list of our favorite monogrammed styles.

Monogrammed Ladies Sleeveless Hoodie

Get ready to hit the gym in style with this lightweight sleeveless athletic hoodie. Not only is this hoodie stylish, but it’s also comfortable and allows for easy, unrestricted movement.

You can personalize this hoodie by adding your initials to the left chest area or the bottom corner. Choose from one of our stylish fonts and thread colors to jazz it up.

Monogrammed Small Duffel Bag

Whether you’re a camper or on a sports team, there are endless uses for a good duffel bag.

Our monogrammed duffel bag can be easily identified in a pile of bags so you won’t lose it, and it can readily store all of your traveling essentials. In addition, we offer this bag in 10 colors, so you can find your favorite color or select one that matches your team.

Choose your favorite thread color and font to add some sass to your monogrammed initials!

Monogrammed Full-Length Leggings

Add a little pizzazz to your athletic wardrobe with these monogrammed leggings. These leggings pair nicely with the monogrammed sleeveless hoodie.

Monogrammed initials are added to the bottom right pant leg. As always, pick your favorite thread color and font to add a pop of color.

Monogrammed Yoga Mat

Get ready to stand out in the sea of yoga mats by adding your monogrammed initials to your mat. So the next time you’re doing downward-facing dog, you’ll get to enjoy the personal touches you added to your mat.

We offer six color options for this mat — green, pink, blue, orange, black, and grey. Also, at a quarter-inch thick, this mat provides extra comfort during those floor poses.

Monogrammed Ladies All Sport Sports Bra

Add some girly style to your athletic wear with a monogrammed sports bra. We offer this bra in 10 colors that you can personalize with your initials across the front.

This two-toned racerback sports bra offers reinforced armhole seams for extra support.

Ladies Monogrammed Sport Pullover

Winter is coming — but that doesn’t mean your athletic wear can’t be gloomy. This monogrammed sport pullover is the perfect addition to your wardrobe with many great features.

The hidden front pouch can hold your essentials while working out and the thumbholes will keep your hands toasty.

Shop More Monogrammed Workout Clothes at Born To Be Sassy

Keep that fitness streak going with additional styles found on our athletic search page. We have everything from tennis skirts to running shorts and tees. Born To Be Sassy is the place for your monogrammed fitness wear!