Monogram 101: How to Monogram Your Initials the Right Way

Monogram 101: How to Monogram Your Initials the Right Way

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Jul 21st 2021

If you’re anything like us, monograms are an essential part of your style. They don’t just make a statement — they make your statement. From tote bags to t-shirts to hats, monograms can put a personal spin on everything in your closet.

That being said, monogramming rules can get complicated. What’s the proper monogram order? What goes in the middle?

We’re here to set the record straight on how to monogram initials. Here’s your guide on how to follow monogram etiquette to the letter.

How to Properly Order Monogram Initials

Whether you’re ordering for an event, getting your friend a gift, or just personalizing your own wardrobe, a monogram is a great way to put a stamp on your favorite items (literally).

To get started, you first need to figure out your monogram initials order. Or the order for your monogram.

1) Personal Monograms

A personal monogram is exactly what it suggests — your own personal initials. That includes first, middle, and last name initials.

For the most part, it’s pretty straightforward. The monogram goes from your first initial to your last initial, followed by your middle initial. For example, if your name were Elizabeth Anne Bright, your monogram would be EBA.

2) Couple Monograms

For an anniversary or a wedding gift, a matching monogrammed item can be the perfect way to show off your love for one another. An item with a more personal touch gives you something to look back on years down the line.

Many couples choose to monogram something using both partners’ initials. It all depends on what your initials are going to look like after you’ve tied the knot. Whether you’re taking a spouse’s last name, you’re keeping your own, or you’re coming up with something hyphenated, make sure you’re settled on what initials you and your partner want to use before you order.

If you’re sharing a last name, a couple monogram should be straightforward. In most cases, the wife’s first name initial comes first, then the shared last name initial, and finally the husband’s first name initial. If Elizabeth Anne Bright and Owen Charles Bright were getting a couple monogram, the monogram would be EBO.

Monogram Sizing

For the monogram design to match your personal style, it’s all about presentation. That means picking the right size.

Most monogram designs fall into one of two categories: Monograms where the initials are all the same size and monograms where the middle initial is larger than the others. Let’s explore them both.

Initials All the Same Size

If all the initials are the same size, that’s known as “block.” This style is great for a classic look on an individual monogram.

Initials With a Larger Center

Some monograms might also feature a larger center initial. The ordering is the same — first, last, then middle — but the middle initial is larger. This is a standard and more traditional monogram look.

This creates a more elegant and sophisticated look. It’s also perfect for married couples, making the shared last name the larger middle initial while the two first initials stand on either side.

What to Monogram

The real question should be: What can’t you monogram? You can add a monogram to just about everything, from household items to clothing to even our bags.

Remember a girl can never have too many monograms. With so many options to help you find what you really love, we have something for anyone and everyone. All it takes is the perfect monogram piece to really make something your own.

Look for a few special items that you really want to brand as yours. Adding a few touches of personalization throughout your wardrobe (and your home) is the best way to go. It will make those items feel even more special.

For most die-hard monogrammers, adding a monogram is a great way to turn a simple item into a cherished memory. For example, getting a monogrammed vacation t-shirt will make sure you never forget the beautiful views and quality family time on the beach. Or a monogrammed bridal robe can make the perfect keepsake to remember getting ready with your girls before your dream wedding.

Those items will last a long time, but the memories will last even longer. That’s why monogrammed items also make great gifts for the loved ones in your life.

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At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to design your monogram. It was made just for you, after all. The main thing to focus on is creating a design that feels right and fits your personality.

Before you start throwing your initials on every t-shirt and decorative towel in your house, it’s important to know the basic monogramming “rules.” Knowing the right monogram order — and etiquette — will help you make sure it turns out just the way you want it.

Ready to put together the gift that you’ll never forget? Check out all the monogrammed clothing we have to offer! With all the options out there, you’re sure to find a style (and a monogram design) that feels like it was meant for you.