Healthcare With Some Sass

Healthcare With Some Sass

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Jan 12th 2022

If you’re a nurse, doctor, or another healthcare professional, you’re probably familiar with the basic scrub set. They get the job done, but they tend to be a bit traditional.

The standard-issue scrubs are made for durability. But they’re not always built for comfort or style. Why can’t your scrubs be functional and cute, too?

With monogrammed scrubs, you can dress just as unique and stylish as your day-to-day wear. If you’re looking to stand out among the dull scrubs and starch-white lab coats in your workplace, look no further.

Let’s explore how personalized scrubs are changing the game for healthcare workers who want a little more sass in their lives.

Keep Your (and Your Patients’) Spirits Up With Monogrammed Scrubs

If you’re anything like us, you like to personalize everything. Why stop at your hospital scrubs?

With a contoured fit and bold colors, our monogrammed scrubs will give any basic hospital look an edge that you can’t get anywhere else. And with your personal monogram, your scrub set can reflect your fun and unique personality.

Keep high spirits in your workplace — for yourself, your coworkers, and your patients — with a vibrant set of monogrammed scrubs.

Stand Out From the Boring White Lab Coats

Aren’t you tired of the boring white uniforms? The starched, bright white lab coat is a thing of the past. These days, it’s all about color and personalization.

Add a pop of personality to your lab coat with a cute monogram. We’ll keep it professional by wrapping your initials inside a stethoscope or caduceus symbol design. Pick your choice of thread color to add to the women’s monogrammed lab coat of your choice, including short and long consultation coats.

Back in the day, when pure white lab coats were the norm, there wasn’t much accommodation for a women’s fit. Those days are over. You can put the chunky, unisex lab coat away (preferably forever). Our personalized lab coats are designed to fit perfectly on a woman’s body — curves included.

Complete Your Work Outfit

Of course, scrub tops aren’t the only thing you’ll be bringing to work. To complete your monogrammed look, you can personalize everything.

To keep warm even in a chilly waiting room, check out our slim-fit layer shirts to layer under your scrubs. If you’re extra cold at work, you can always opt for a scrub jacket instead, which features multiple functional pockets and an option for personalization if you want that extra pizazz.

Ready to head to the operating room? Your unique and personal style doesn’t have to stop with your surgical cap. Try a monogrammed cap to keep a splash of personality visible, even if you’re all geared up in personal protective equipment.

Scrub Sets For a Complete Look

For the most cohesive look, check out our scrub sets so you can look sassy from head to toe. Our personalized scrub sets are comfortable, stretchy, and feature tons of pockets for all your medical necessities.

And don’t worry, our sets come in a variety of fun color combinations so you can pick what feels most true to you.

Standing Out and Staying Comfy While You Save Lives

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are essential workers. You’re out there every day to improve the lives of your patients. You deserve to wear scrubs that are functional and comfortable without sacrificing your style.

Bring a burst of color and personality into the operating room with any of our monogrammed nurse clothing and accessories, including casual outfits and coffee tumblers for your days off.