Don't Get Caught Without Green on St Patrick's Day

Don't Get Caught Without Green on St Patrick's Day

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Jan 7th 2022

Are you honoring your Irish roots? Or maybe you want to take the chance to show off your best shamrock-green accessories? Either way, St. Patrick’s Day is the best time to prove that green is what you do best. 

From silly to stylish, there are so many ways to embrace the season. It doesn’t matter whether you’re embarking on a pub crawl or staying in for a casual night with friends—there’s never been a better time to make sure you’re 100% pinch-proof. 

Ready to embrace the luck of the Irish? From party outfits to St. Patrick's Day monograms, we’ve got your leprechaun look covered.

Personalize your St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

If you’re putting together the perfect holiday look, there’s plenty of St. Patrick's Day clothing for you to enjoy: Leprechaun shirts, shamrock leggings, sparkly green accessories, and more. But if you’re tired of generic holiday attire, it might be time to turn to something a bit more personal. 

Join in on the St. Patrick’s Day fun by personalizing your own t-shirts, long sleeves, and more. A monogrammed St. Patrick’s Day shirt takes your holiday spirit beyond the standard gear you’ll find at the store. You can celebrate with a shirt that feels like you—the style, the color, and your own initials. 

Perfect Attire for a Night at the Pub

From pub crawls to parades, here’s how you can make green look good when you’re out on the town for Old St. Patrick’s. 

Whether you’re keeping it casual in just a t-shirt or throwing on a green blazer for a more formal theme, you can take any women’s graphic tee to the pub. If you favor dressing it up, add a pair of flats or heels to complete the look. If dressing down and aiming for comfort is more your flavor, throw on some sneakers.

Be Sassy and Cozy All Day Long

Not ready to hit the town? Even if you’re staying in on St. Patrick’s Day, you can still have some fun and flaunt your holiday spirit. Green guarantees you’ll be safe from pinches, but you can take it one step further with a statement tee that’s sure to impress family, friends, and coworkers. 

Cute, funny, or sassy? It’s up to you to decide. Pair your women's monogrammed tee with a cozy pair of sweatpants or some jeans for a comfy day in. 

Shop our Boutique for the Perfect Complement

We are here to offer you a fashionable way to make your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations unforgettable—without donning a full-on leprechaun costume. 

Pair some of your favorite St. Patrick’s day monograms or holiday graphic tees with our new women's fashion line to elevate your style. Try a button-up plaid coat to stay warm, or throw on some of our accessories like a stylish hat, belt, or bracelet set to complete your look. 

Taking on St. Patrick's Day In Style 

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up sooner than you think. Are you ready to dress to impress? Our St. Patrick’s Day monograms, trendy graphic tees, and long sleeves are sure to make anyone green with envy. 

Take a look at some of our most stylish St. Paddy’s Day looks that you can wear year after year.