Celebrate Mardi Gras in Style

Celebrate Mardi Gras in Style

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Jan 4th 2022

It’s a fashion lover's dream: sparkling beads, glamorous masks, and over-the-top colors. Is there anything more fun than celebrating all the carnival glory of Mardi Gras? 

It’s time to round up your best party outfits and get ready to masquerade for the upcoming Mardi Gras celebrations! This yearly festivity is celebrated with music, parties, parades, dances, and more all across the world. 

Whether you’re taking to the streets of New Orleans for the festival itself or you’re keeping the celebrations local, we’ve got the fashion advice you need to take the city by storm. Here are some of the best Mardi Gras monograms, outfits, and accessories you’ll need to look your best. 

Personalize Your Mardi Gras Shirts

The spirit of Mardi Gras is all about breaking out of the box and living in the moment. Whether you’re turning heads in a sparkly headdress or repping the purple, green, and gold in a women’s graphic tee, Mardi Gras is a chance for you to show off your unique personal style. 

What better way to make the outfit your own than to add a monogram? Spice up your parade look with a cute and sassy Mardi Gras monogram that represents your vibrant personality. 

Stay Warm on a Chilly Mardi Gras Night

You might feel fashionable enough to join in a parade, but are you prepared to stay warm, too? Don’t stress! There’s always a way to stay warm and keep your style on point. Whether you’re in New Orleans or sticking to your local festivities, the weather can be pretty unpredictable — especially if your celebration lasts late into the night. 

Prep for everything by layering it up. Start with a cute holiday graphic tee or tank top. Throw on a light jacket or button-up, and keep a heavier jacket or coat on hand in case the temperatures really drop. 

Cozy Clothing for All Day Long

Sure, what springs to mind when you hear Mardi Gras might be the parties, the flashy parades, or the glamorous balls. But if you’re going to be spending all day on your feet, it’s just as important to be comfy, too. 

Make sure your Mardi Gras outfit is something you can comfortably wear out on the town and while relaxing at home. You’ll probably be wearing it all day —  moving from place to place — so it better be cozy! 

Keep it comfy and casual with a women’s monogrammed jersey, tee, or long sleeve shirt. To up the comfort level, you can pair it with a soft pullover or a pair of sweats. Or, class it up with a blazer and some comfy flats.  

Shop our Boutique for a Sassy Outfit

The festival itself is all about fashion, so you can bet that most Mardi Gras clothing is pretty out of the box. Think feathered headdresses, sequined masks, and embellished gloves. You don’t need to go out in full costume to soak up the spirit of the festival, but it doesn’t hurt to push yourself to stray out of your fashion comfort zone. 

To step up your look, consider pairing your Mardi Gras monogrammed tee with outerwear or accessories from our boutique. Pop on an elegant beaded jacket or accessories with eye-catching chunky earrings. 

Making a Statement This Mardi Gras Season 

It doesn’t matter if you’re joining a parade route, attending a local bar-hop, celebrating with friends, or just dancing on the street — it’s time to dress the part. Make a statement that shows off your unique personal style and unstoppable personality. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you wear. As long as you’re true to yourself, you’ll fit right in! Check out some of our instantly recognizable monogrammed Mardi Gras designs and sassy themed shirts that will be sure to turn heads during the parade.