Breast Cancer Awareness from Born To Be Sassy

Breast Cancer Awareness from Born To Be Sassy

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Nov 3rd 2021

Every year, the nation turns pink during the month of October to bring awareness to breast cancer. An estimated 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Awareness of this serious and life-threatening disease is an important step for early detection and prevention.

At Born To Be Sassy, we’ve created amazing attention-grabbing shirts to promote breast cancer awareness.

Let’s Beat Breast Cancer!

The first step to beating breast cancer is early detection. You can help by encouraging your friends and family to get regular mammograms.

To get the conversation rolling, check out our sassy pink awareness shirts. Breast cancer awareness doesn’t mean everything has to be all doom and gloom. Liven up the conversation with a fun pink shirt.

To make your breast cancer clothing more personal — grab a customized shirt that includes your initials.

Survivor Pride

Are you a breast cancer survivor? Do you know a breast cancer survivor? Chances are, you likely have someone in your life who has battled this disease.

In honor of breast cancer survivors, we designed some sassy breast cancer women’s clothing just for the survivors in your life.

Support Breast Cancer Survivors

During breast cancer awareness month, you can support survivors by participating in fundraising events for breast cancer research.

Many communities have breast cancer events during October. On the other hand, some communities host breast cancer events year-round. If your area lacks events that support breast cancer research, organize and create your own event!

Show your spirit at all the events by wearing some fabulous awareness outfits that combine fall and breast cancer awareness.

Show Your Pride With Accessories

We offer many personalized breast cancer awareness items you can use to complete your look. Additionally, our breast cancer accessories make great gifts.

Learn more about our sassy accessories.


There’s a slight nip in the air when October rolls around. But, during the Fall and Winter seasons, you can support breast cancer awareness with our monogrammed mugs.

The designs on these mugs were just too good to limit them to shirts. They also make a great gift for anyone currently battling breast cancer and for survivors.


In the south, it’s not exactly chilly in October, y’all. So grab one of our stainless steel tumblers and stay hydrated during all of those breast cancer events.

The double wall and stainless steel will keep your water cold while preventing condensation. These tumblers also have customizable designs so you and your friends can easily remember whose tumbler is whose.


Keep track of all of your breast cancer awareness supplies and gear with a tote. Our totes are made with a durable heavy canvas that will last you for years to come.

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Contact Born To Be Sassy with any questions you have about our breast cancer awareness products. Make sure to check back regularly to see all of our new awareness designs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for — ask our sales team about special orders.