5 Scarves You Need for Fall 2021

5 Scarves You Need for Fall 2021

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on May 21st 2021

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You can feel the change in the weather, and it’s starting to get crisp. That means it’s time for apple cider, pumpkin spice everything, and scarves for those times when you need to keep yourself toasty and warm.

We’ve gathered together some of our favorite scarves below to help you properly start the season of crunchy leaves and nights by the fireplace.

Monogrammed Scarves

A monogrammed scarf is fun and attractive, as well as cozy. It lets you protect your voice and throat while boldly announcing your style. Monogrammed scarves also make a great gift if you want to show your mom or grandma some love. Let them know how close you feel to them — while they feel close to you. There are a few fun options to go with, as you’ll see below.

Personalized Knit Scarf

A personalized knit scarf is the definition of comforting. It coordinates well with pretty much any outfit. It’s an easy layer to add, and it’s so helpful for when you don’t want to add one more sweater to your layers. Our personalized knit scarves come in different widths. There’s bound to be the right one for you.

Monogrammed Knit Scarf

Monogrammed knit scarves mix and match with many outfits and keep you cozy. These personalized scarves come in a range of block colors, from primary colors like red and navy to elegant shades like forest and maroon. To complete your look and keep you warm, you can match your scarf with a beanie and mittens.

Personalized Striped Knit Scarf With Fringe

Scarves with fringes are really cute, with a classic look — and maybe even a hint of Harry Potter! They’re perfect as a gift for your kids or loved ones because they keep everyone comfy during the holiday season. The color combos are stylish, bold, and classic, like royal blue and white or black and heather gray.

Monogrammed University Scarf

Showcase your school pride and your sense of individuality with our monogrammed university scarves. A monogrammed university scarf is a great way to feel connected to your loved one’s alma mater while staying snug. Let the world know you’ve got smarts as well as style.

Monogrammed Striped Scarf

Monogrammed striped scarves are fun and cheerful. They’ll boost your mood and that of anyone who sees you in them and come in a range of color combos that look fab together. Mix and match a few for your family members to keep your family looking sharp while letting them stay warm as they go on fun fall trips.

Shop Monogrammed Scarves at Born to Be Sassy!

At Born to Be Sassy, we know clothes can be practical and fun. Our monogrammed products are perfect for all seasons, holidays, and occasions. Our scarves are perfect for the fall and winter, though! We’ve grown from a home operation to an eBay store to what is now a thriving company, making clothes that are comfy, warm, and awesome.

Whatever your style, there’s sure to be one that suits you. Try one of our monogrammed scarves out today, and let us know what you think.