10 Personalized Gift Ideas for Friends

Jan 30th 2023

A young woman wearing a monogrammed hoodie

Whether you have a squad of besties or are super close with only a few people, buying them gifts is just one way to show them how much you care. From birthdays and holidays to housewarmings and other celebrations, there are so many opportunities to buy thoughtful, meaningful gifts your loved ones can enjoy every day.

If you’re wondering what to buy for one of your best gal pals, Born To Be Sassy has a ton of personalized gift ideas for friends to guarantee you find the perfect item. Check out our recommendations to discover how you can personalize nearly anything for your loved ones.

1. Graphic Tees

A young woman wearing a graphic t-shirt

Nearly everyone has a passion or special interest that they pursue. From casual hobbies to all-encompassing careers, there’s probably something that immediately pops into your head the moment you think about one of your friends. 

Are they a super mom that can handle anything? Or maybe you need to buy something for that friend who always starts their day with a massive cup of coffee?

At Born To Be Sassy, we’re here with graphic tees that represent everyone. Browse our collection to discover career-focused graphic designs, like those for teachers and nurses. We also offer personalized gift ideas for friends who love wine, are obsessed with traveling, or have a deep connection to their spiritual selves

Whatever graphic design you’re looking for, we probably have it in our collection!  

2. Monogrammed PJs


If you’re searching for personalized gift ideas for that friend who works from home or rarely  leaves the house, monogrammed loungewear is the answer! This personalized gift idea for your best friends is also an ideal choice if you want to buy a matching set for the whole squad. 

With the incredible selection of styles in our collection, you can personalize the color, print, and pattern for each one of your friends and include their monogrammed initials. With two and three-letter options in tons of different colors and fonts, it’s easier than ever to create custom PJs to match their style! 

Shop for the whole squad and make girl’s night a pajama tradition or buy a set just for a bestie that needs a new work-from-home wardrobe!

3. Personalized Drinkware

A young woman holding a monogrammed tumbler

From water to wine, monogrammed drinkware is the best new personalized gift idea for friends. If you’ve got a friend that loves having people over for a wine and cheese movie night, a set of monogrammed glasses can make her the hostess with the mostest. 

How about that friend that hits the gym on a regular basis and needs a reminder to stay hydrated? Shop personalized stainless steel and plastic water bottles designed to encourage them to drink more throughout their workout. 

We even have more versatile drinkware options, like travel mugs, cups with lids and straws for kids, townie mugs, and the essential beach spiker to hold phones, cups, shells, and more during your next day by the water. 

4. Monogrammed Bags

A large gray camo monogrammed duffle

A monogrammed bag, tote, purse, or clutch is one of our favorite personalized gift ideas for friends. We all need a reliable bag for a variety of activities, so this is a safe bet for nearly anyone in your friend group. 

Does your friend need a reusable bag for grocery shopping? We’ve got it! How about a weekend duffle for road trips together? Check! Are you looking for a drawstring bag or backpack for your hiking buddy? We have those too. Whatever type of bag you’re looking for, we have a chic, sleek, personalized design just for your bestie!

With so many styles available, you may even consider buying an extra tote, just so they have something to match with every ensemble!

5. Monogram Sets

A young woman wearing a monogrammed hoodie and jogger set

Are you looking for personalized gift ideas for friends that are all about comfort? Our monogrammed sets are a fun choice that come in a bunch of unique themes, classic designs, and custom graphics.

Whether you’re shopping for a workout junkie or a nap queen, we have lounge and athleisure sets for everyone. Shop tee and jogger combos, hat and tank combos, legging and raglan combos, and so much more. Whatever your friends love the most, we have it in many different colors, and a few of the coolest prints too!

6. Personalized Robes

A young woman wearing a monogrammed robe

In today’s world, having a peaceful space to relax and decompress should be an essential part of everyone’s life. If you think your friends are missing something from their spa vibes, it’s time to help them complete their relaxation space. With a monogrammed robe, you can transform their after-work time into something luxurious and indulgent.

At Born To Be Sassy, we offer these personalized gift ideas for friends in satin, waffle weave, and plush varieties to customize your purchase to their preference. Don’t forget to choose the perfect color and font for their embroidery to ensure an extra special touch.

If you decide a robe is the right personalized gift idea for your best friend, consider making a bundle with scented candles, Epsom salt, bath bombs, and aromatherapy accessories for the ultimate spa gift set.

7. Monogrammed Blankets

A girl on a couch with a monogrammed blue throw blanket

Speaking of getting cozy and relaxed, we love helping our friends decorate their homes with chic essentials that are all about comfort. 

Choose a monogrammed blanket as your personalized gift idea for your friends to give them a home accent that enhances their space and serves a functional purpose. These are fun personalized gift ideas for best friends because you can give them one for every season!

Our monogrammed blankets come in so many materials, thicknesses, and colors that you can ensure a seasonal rotation for couches, bed footers, and picnics.

8. His and Hers Pillowcases

A monogrammed pillowcase on a bed

If you need a personalized gift idea for friends who are married, our his and hers sets are a perfect solution. Get two gifts in one when you shop monogrammed pillowcases to accent the master or guest bedrooms. You can buy two pillows, one with each set of initials, or combine their names into one pillow using the traditional wedding monogram.

You might not know how the couple’s monogram works, so we have a quick tutorial to ensure you can easily create this personalized gift idea for your best friend. Traditionally, wedding monograms start with the bride’s first initial, followed by the groom’s first initial, and end with the initial of the couple’s last name. 

9. Personalized Outerwear


Monogrammed outerwear is a fun, personalized gift idea for friends because they are such a versatile option. Whether your climate requires raincoats, a furry vest, a heavyweight coat, or even all of the above, monogrammed coats and jackets are some of the best personalized gift ideas for your best friends. 

Make sure your besties stay warm no matter what’s going on outside with the perfect personalized outerwear for the season. From brisk spring days to the winter’s first snow, Born To Be Sassy has the clothing you need for every occasion.

10. Stickers and Decals

A vinyl monogram decal

If you’ve read this entire list and you’re still not sure what the best personalized gift idea for your friend is, you might want to consider a custom sticker or decal that they can place wherever they see fit. 

Our heavy-duty vinyl designs are customizable with your preference for font, initials, and color, and they’re suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Whether your friend sticks these decals on their car, water bottle, or laptop, they can personalize nearly any item in their possession. 

Buy two or three decal monograms in several colors and styles so your friend can stamp their signature on multiple items in their life!

Shop Personalized Gifts at Born To Be Sassy

We love personalized gift ideas for friends because they show a lot of forethought, insight, and planning — guaranteeing your friends understand how much you care. 

If you’ve thought of an item you’d like to monogram, and it’s not on this list, don’t worry! We have so many more options available in our monogram selection! Browse our entire store before making a decision to ensure you’ve found a personalized gift idea for your friends that they’ll truly love!