Cosmetic/Toiletry Bags

Born to Be Sassy has cute, functional, and stylish cosmetic/toiletry bags that you will love. You may even be tempted to buy several to keep one in your luggage, your purse, your gym bag, and in the car! The best part is that you can personalize it to add that chic touch.

Monogrammed Cosmetic Bags

Perfect for organizing your essentials, the WB Personalized Cosmetic Bag features a convenient carrying handle, an interior pocket, and a dual zipper closure. If you’re short on counter space, the monogrammed hanging toiletry bag is the answer to all your cosmetics-related prayers.

This well-made organizer has pockets, compartments, zippers, and a hook to clasp onto a doorknob or towel bar and hangs vertically so that all your essentials are accessible.

We have enough colors, patterns, and styles to fit any occasion or preference. You can shop them all on our online store and personalize your monogrammed cosmetic bags for you, your friends, or as a thoughtful gift.

Personalized Makeup Bags

If you’ve got a serious makeup collection, why would you stuff all of your beautiful, hard-earned lip or eye palettes and favorite brushes into just any old boring bag? Your prized possessions deserve to be cradled in something special.

Pick your favorite one – or two or three – personalized makeup bags to be your everyday wear makeup bag, your glamour makeup bag, and your extras bag in something like our large Monogrammed Clear Cosmetic Bag.

Monogrammed Toiletry Bag

Our well-made, minimalist travel toiletry bags come in bigger toiletry bags for storing toiletries and tools in your luggage and smaller cosmetic pouches for stashing makeup essentials and hairpins in your carry-on. These monogrammed toiletry bags make your products easier to find so everything is handy and in one place.

We also love these kinds of smaller and larger sets for moms with young ones who want their makeup, credit cards, hair ties, and even pacifiers or wet wipes in a ready-to-go pouch.

Custom Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

Born to Be Sassy has the best quality makeup pouches, cases, and carriers for your cosmetic and toiletry bag needs. Monograms add that personal touch to make it a truly unique look wherever you go. Find the perfect carry-all for your budget and beauty needs on our online store.

How Monogramming Works

Once you find the piece you want personalized, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Choose between the traditional three initial monograms or a single initial monogram.
  2. Fill in the blanks to tell us which letters you want.
  3. Choose the font that fits your style.
  4. Let us know what color you want.
  5. Add to cart!

Please note that some shirts come with pre-printed patterns that aren’t customizable.

Size Chart, FAQ, & Shipping Questions

Are you looking for a size chart? We have size charts on all of our product pages. Navigate to any product on our site, scroll down just under the Add To Cart button, and you will see the Size Info tab!

See our FAQ section for commonly asked questions, especially on topics like Shipping.

 Monogrammed Cosmetic Bags and Toiletry Bags

For many ladies, toiletries and cosmetics are arguably some of the most expensive and often used items in their daily routines. That is why we offer our monogrammed toiletry and cosmetics bags at affordable prices! 

Cosmetic/Toiletry Bags