Get Ready for Winter with Born to Be Sassy

Get Ready for Winter with Born to Be Sassy

Posted by Born To Be Sassy on Oct 29th 2021

Do you get as excited for winter as we do? As soon as we feel that first chill in the air, we start dreaming of the year’s first snowfall, hitting the ski slopes, snuggling up in front a crackling fire, and — naturally — breaking out our winter wardrobes with our favorite women’s warm clothing.

Dressing for cold weather is super fun because it’s all about layers and accessories. We can’t wait to start going through our closets to find the perfect combination of tops, bottoms, hats, gloves, and more to create awesome winter looks that are sassy, stylish, and snuggle-worthy. Our women’s winter clothing selection is sure to be a hit!

Sweater Weather

We love women’s sweaters of all kinds, which is why we created a huge range of options to suit every style and taste. These toasty tops are often the centerpiece of a winter outfit, so we design them to be eye-catching and totally cozy.

Our women’s pullovers, for example, are just the thing to add a much-needed layer of warmth on a chilly day. Don’t forget that all of our women’s sweaters can be customized with your personal monogram for a look that’s uniquely yours.


Winter coats, jackets, rain gear, and hoodies are must-have items for keeping warm all winter long.

Coats and Jackets

As the temperatures drop, a monogrammed coat or jacket is just the thing to keep the cold at bay. Fleece, softshell, quilted…the choice is yours!

Rain Gear

Don’t let a little rain stop you from living your best life! Our women’s rain gear will keep you warm, dry, and looking good no matter what the forecast is.


We love women’s hoodies because they’re incredibly comforting and super versatile. We throw ours on any time we want to be both cute and cozy.


Winter isn’t just about enjoying the great outdoors. It’s also the season to hunker down at home in your comfiest loungewear and curl up with a book or a movie.


No winter look is complete without the proper accessories to keep you snug as a bug. Plus, the right accessories provide a pop of color and texture that tie your whole look together.


Protect your hands from the frosty air with a pair of monogrammed gloves. They’re sure to attract attention (and compliments) whether you’re wearing them to build a snowman or simply to hold your coffee cup.


Put the finishing touch on your ensemble with the ultimate piece of personalized women’s clothing: an elegant monogrammed scarf in a solid color, stripes, or one of our other cute style options.

Hats, Caps, and Visors

Cover your head (or hide a bad hair day) with a sassy hat, cap, or visor that keeps the heat in and makes you look like a bona fide snow bunny.

Got Your Winter Gear?

Make sure you’re ready for winter! Head over to our women’s monogrammed clothing collection to start building your wardrobe. We have all the women’s winter clothing you need to stay warm and cozy, whether you’re hitting the rink for a day of ice skating with the family or piling onto the couch for a movie night, complete with hot chocolate.